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The following freestyle track was made on D3AD RAC3R's second trip to the suicide ward and AFTER a DUI crash part of a painful journey through hell.

The number one enemy we face on the planet is self hate.  This underground MOVEMENT spreads light into the fact that we are our own true love and the quest for seeking true love externally in self hate is the reason for all human suffering.  Test your self love does winning matter?  If you truly loved yourself would you care if you lost to someone in a game or beat someone in a game?  If you think winning is the only thing that matters you suffer in self hate and you will certainly also have the following qualities in your personality (jealousy, anger, greed, power hungry, fame hungry, sexual perversion, drug addiction, and an addiction to winning).  Unfortunately you are failing the test of life when you believe the mass media and social propaganda past on since the beginning of time that winning is the only thing that matters and to do so with a total disregard for self love is the root of all evil.

There is a stark difference in winning vs domination, it is possbile to lose but not become dominated.  Domination is the dominant energy either building or destroying our self love which is positive energy.  The common error in humanity is the inability to see the differences in winning.  If you win and lose your self love did you win?  If you lose and retain your self love did you win?

Positive Energy Domination is retaining all self love regardless of the win or loss and Self Hate Winning is to win regardless of retaining self love.  When we take our last breath on earth should you hate yourself with a mountain of trophies, or will you truly love yourself with not a care in the world about the trophies you won during your time in the world.  Will you remember that you won via corruption and destruction of your own self love or will you reflect back to a life of having never sold out your soul's ability to love itself.

True Love is Ourselves and Winning Doesn't Matter is a higher energy vibration than True Love is Externally Found and Winning Matters.  The 2 are the difference between God and Satan and it is up to you to choose your side and how you want to live your life.  If you do not believe in God that should be considered Satanic, and if you are Satanic you will have chosen the path of selling out your ability to love yourself to win at all costs while "living" on Earth.

When we die our soul's carry an energy weight and we will be sorted to different dimensions at death based on the individuals energy vibrations.  God knows how you lived and what you did in life by your recorded soul's vibrations.  So at death make sure you truly love yourself, if not you will go to the same dimension as the other self hating winners throughout human history such as Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin.